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ETCR526.06+ 7%0.7EthereumClassic
LTCR3487.63- 0.2%0.6Litecoin
GCR0.00000150+ 2.1%0.6GCR Coin
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TRX0.00000194+ 2.7%0.5Tron Token


To add New ERC20 Token - please fill the Listing Form.

We will add new tokens every 1-7 days.

Listing price: 2.79 btc (all bitcoins will be spend to Yo Token buys from market)

- Yobicode - you can create it here:
- Token ID example - 0xebf4ca5319f406602eeff68da16261f1216011b5
- Etherscan link example:
- Ticker example: YOT (3-5 symbols)

- unlimited supply for tokens - FORBIDDEN (fixed supply only)
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin, you can activate Yobicode anytime
- all accs of dev in Yobit can be blocked with balances if price of his coin falls by 50-90-150% because of his dump
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Payment Yobicode
Token ID
Link at
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Comments/Additional Info

placebo1977: leeseunghee, because withdrawal is off, not that difficult to read and understand, no?

Sahrab L0: fee is so high

shanga20: how many days Pony ib can run?

shanga20: i want to invest

KngHil: looks like yoda is going to be the most awesome airdrop in history

gerhardc: I think yobit should add a page that shows what wallets are offline and the reason why

samcafe: Btc bearish agin

santu131 L0: Btc

muratbtc2626 L0: edc again cloesd

manbtc007: O God, My Lord in heaven, please stop this torture. Its been ages since a decent shit coin pamp. Please give me a shit coin pamp. Bless me Bless me. Bless me. Amen!!!! Amen!!!1 Amen!!!!

maciocia: Amen!!!!

splendid0412: Amen!!!!

Paul777: Amen!!!!

Bulek70 L1: Amiin

s0ldi3r: Shut up shitcoin holders! God is blessing me for my faith in major altcoins! lol

hamundnic L0: manbtc007, God Blacksmith listen please the pray for this shitcoin trader and moving up Liza X_x

FeRsorac L1: In shit you trust?

Dougw779 L0: you guys are funny. Thank you

usr7341: So, small btc ib empty, big one is paying. Same as pony! Yeah! And yo and liza is paying too :-)

marinin393 L1: so in my opinion LIZA now can move to 1 LIZA / 0,1 BTC

sumino88 L0: siapa yg mau coin liza?\

Serdar179890 L1: helloadmın

marinin393 L1: admin I have a question!

Alexzo90 L0: Liza will move soon

marinin393 L1: Alexzo90, to Ughanda?

amit007 L0: Edc go up 0.00001500stosi hit

kokokob L0: hi

nottyhassan L0: edc will pump

nottyhassan L0: edc Deposit for such currency is temporary off

Alexzo90 L0: Always wondering those people buying LIZA with btc

dominikherzog: marinin393, use support page

marinin393 L1: i did already

marinin393 L1: no answer till now

KingTa1 L0: dominikherzog, when etc wallet online do you know

dominikherzog: KingTa1, no info.probably after fork

MoZubair: I met hundreds of people who lost big money in stock market but done well in cryptomarkets, stock markets are biggest scam they jam your money for long time you double money in five years which is like FD interest.

usr7341: Lmao. It does not matter what you trade, if it’s shares, bonds, gold, btc or goats. If you are an idiot, you will always fail in the long run

tohid6 L1: dominikherzog, is mt5 platform availible?

jb12345678: usr7341, i trade goats lmao

zochef987: Pony ib is still pay?

usr7341: zochef987, ~2hrs before yes

usr7341: jb12345678, I traded chicken when i was a kid :p :-)

MoZubair: usr7341, try your smartness in stock market then.

MoZubair: usr7341, when you were kid you traded chickens and now you tradeing coins worth less than chicken eggs. you proved yourself real idiot. lol

Redward: Love the humour here!

slamet005 L1: zochef987, X10 ib still pay?

marinin393 L1: slamet005, xes

marinin393 L1: yes

slamet005 L1: marinin393, thanks

jb12345678: usr7341, i only trade in virgin goats now very lucrative market and when it is slaughtered the meat is so tender