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DOGE 0.00000049 - 5.8% 13.6 Dogecoin
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EDC 0.00000064 - 11.2% 7 EDC blockchain
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We will add new tokens every 1-7 days. Type of listing: auction.
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- unlimited supply for tokens - FORBIDDEN (fixed supply only)
- bitcointalk topic only (!)
- not accepted coins with text only topics (we need good topic design with graphics)
- request can be declined if we don’t like your coin, you can activate Yobicode anytime
- all accs of dev in Yobit can be blocked with balances if price of his coin falls by 50-90-150% because of his dump
- positive factor: more token holders or ICO
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Comments/Additional Info

arnab00725 L0: can an average experianced trader can make like 5-10% in a month?

lestherat: better sell now or later at 40

placebo1977: lestherat, maybe that is his plan... getting more coins at lower prices ;)

Kefas94 L1: someone know when ESO withdraw will e possible?

usr7341: arnab00725, yes, he can

placebo1977: lestherat, look at the orderbook, he also know when he can get it at 50sat that it can easily move back to 70+ sat

arnab00725 L0: ohkk

Kefas94 L1: EOS

gerhardc: lol

usr7341: can the btc goe to 50k usd. yes it can

usr7341: but the question is, how many times can this happen?

lestherat: placebo1977, tempted to buy all his order

pavanabhai L0: pluto fucker all guys are crying

placebo1977: lestherat, yeah, i'm happy with what he is doing lol

usr7341: and what is a average experienced trader?

Ilanjaafrass: Lol just watching the show

arnab00725 L0: i mean a trader who has 1year trading experiance

gerhardc: placebo1977, lestherat, who is he?

HubertRykalaLTD L0: What is the difference between TUSD, USDT, USDC and USDS?

Solomando: Or she.

usr7341: HubertRykalaLTD, check the internet

howudewin: HubertRykalaLTD, the letters

placebo1977: gerhardc, the who that will move it

placebo1977: Solomando, the point that people are missing here is... if PLUTO drop to 30 sats or so, then you talk about a 20 BTC coin lol

gerhardc: ah okay!

usr7341: arnab00725, trading experience where? in what asset, what market... you cant just average everything. as i said, you would need to have access to all trading data. which will never happen

candyguyyy L1: So ladies - Do you thinks Btc can hit 10 k $ again ??

placebo1977: candyguyyy, for sure... halving is coming next year

Jmangler19: candyguyyy, damn dude. You say the same thing everyday

Solomando: HubertRykalaLTD, the're all about the same. TUSD has different regulations than USDT and USD.

Solomando: *USDC.

pavanabhai L0: yobit site Bring PLUTO big scam

Solomando: TUSD you have to pass a KYC check to redeem them if purchased from the original issuer.

candyguyyy L1: Jmangler19, ya

Jmangler19: candyguyyy, why?

candyguyyy L1: So Guys - Do you thinks Btc can hit 10 k $ again ??

candyguyyy L1: Jmangler19, new now

howudewin: Jmangler19, well you asked for it

Gregory1988 L0: when is tvt btc changing

placebo1977: Gregory1988, n ever

usr7341: candyguyyy, for me it would be already a bit step if we could try to build a base at 6.3k usd

Gregory1988 L0: or gene doge:P

arnab00725 L0: usr7341, i am not going to make a report ... i am reffering a experianced trader who knows when to trade or like atleast know what verything you guys

candyguyyy L1: usr7341, ok

Gregory1988 L0: thanks for the ingo placebo1977 stuck with dead coins i guess

lestherat: arnab00725, a normal experienced trader won in a day a monthly income, at least

candyguyyy L1: So Guys - Do you thinks Btc can hit 10 k $ again ??

Siwucha321: Sure

usr7341: arnab00725, sure. but you cant just make general statements out of that. i was lucky to make good profits last year, but was loosing the first two months

arnab00725 L0: usr7341, your skills are what is important to me right now