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Freecoins on maintenance, est time 1-2 weeks

flofc: tomdh10, you misspelled " i want to make more profit from you" lol

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, indeed, now you don't need to buy YONE anymore.. .risks vs rewards are already 30 times less interesting

lukeec: ixi nice

Jmangler19: placebo1977, I wont touch yone at alll

shizminer L1: ixi up, yobtc down...fine by me

Jmangler19: But [link] yobtc =/

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, not now anymore for sure.... ZXZ and IXI is a different story

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, i hope that ATOMIX will move up soon, that can be a interesting one

bahasaket L0: look like no chance for yobtc

Jmangler19: Man when the f is yobit going to pump yobtc then release IEO right after

GILLBATES L0: ixi is the ieo

Jmangler19: Placebo you're at 140?

jameshardy: Jmangler19, logically

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, nice 173 yosat sell order

GILLBATES L0: you fukers

Merkato: lol yobtc

glowbox907: i have awaken lol

Jmangler19: I got a few

Jmangler19: Not sure why I'm selling any at all honetly

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, i'm no where :)

Jmangler19: I'm bored is only reason.. I'll cry later

Jmangler19: jameshardy, hey man

morten: Ixi price is way too high, crazy people

jameshardy: Jmangler19, hi

GILLBATES L0: ah push it

shizminer L1: 125 already?


placebo1977 L2: placebo fu.. it up again , damm him

tusherss7 L0: hahahha what a ixi!!!

GILLBATES L0: youall crunts

placebo1977 L2: Do i really need to stay awake another 3 hours for the ieo? :)

Jmangler19: placebo1977, no.. I doubt it

placebo1977 L2: i have the feeling that the ieo will be at the same time when they put that t weet, so that is in 3 hours lol

Jmangler19: placebo1977, possibly.. I dont like this random thing

GILLBATES L0: dont sleep anyone

tomdehauwere: we need speed

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, ok, it can be random, but put a timeframe in place... between 3PM and 6PM for examle

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, also at least give us the specs so that we know if we need to stay awake or not lol

shizminer L1: why cant i buy any yobtc? fuckin bot screw you

tomdehauwere: yes they should get more specific and say tomorrow between x and x PM

Jmangler19: placebo1977, right.. a time frame will definately help

tomdehauwere: shizminer, buying yobtc cant be difficult

placebo1977 L2: or just do the ieo on the time, and open the market at a random time

Jmangler19: Cause if it happens when I'm sleeping and I have all this yobtc I will break somthing

Jmangler19: I'll loose too much again

shizminer L1: tomdehauwere, 0.00795 full me up

tomdehauwere: shizminer, good price

placebo1977 L2: yobit if you are bored.... IXI only need 170 YOBTC till 850 yosat, put a 1000 YOBTC order at 850 yosat, allow me to sell my 55M and then move YOBTC up to 0.03 BTC lol

Jmangler19: Ixi is doing very good

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, you know IXI is trading BELOW ieo price....