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hi123: Buy Yo guys and take it x4 or x5

tusherss7 L0: rashidnadeem, you need every 24 hours mim 10 time buy yo to btc pair for your ib % profit .

rashidnadeem L0: Ok

tusherss7 L0: rashidnadeem, if you went 5 time yo buy and sell yo and again 5 time buy yo

tusherss7 L0: seel is not counting

tusherss7 L0: sel

tusherss7 L0: sell

splendid0412: When will the vigor of viagra come down for SEX?

splendid0412: Come on dear come down and take my buy orders and fly high honey..

zochef987: Sex will hit 0.001 soon ;)

splendid0412: zochef987, for sure

shanga20: splendid0412, yoou are not that guy call 0.0004 for Sex? lol

shanga20: now you are fan of sex lol

splendid0412: shanga20, I am the same guy still expecting the price of SEX will come down to 0.0002 or atleast 0.0004.

splendid0412: until then I will wait

Bonjour4gold L1: sex will go to 0.001 today

MladenMladenov L0: Zoom

Fabrigod L1: I don't understand why in the amount I have 0.004 BTC but when I go to create yobicodes system tell me I don't have enough btc

Scottie920 L1: Sell me cheap pmnt

love786: 0xd 1000.........

dominikherzog: Fabrigod, probably you have open order

tusherss7 L0: dominikherzog, any info egold

dominikherzog: tusherss7, no

manbtc007: dominikherzog, Any update on SLFI, Token or EGAME

dominikherzog: manbtc007, no update

akramsalman: manbtc007, you are master of Super shitcoins lol

sarinaaa: akramsalman, +1 lol

manbtc007: Remember Its better to be a MASTER in HELL than be a SLAVE in Heaven.

wnpoint L0: dominikherzog, i have been hacked and the hacker is selling my coins here on yobit, can you help me

wnpoint L0: i can provide all information

wnpoint L0: coins are still onsale ehre on yobit

dominikherzog: wnpoint, yobicode?

dominikherzog: wnpoint, i bet that money already exchanged and moved out

dominikherzog: wnpoint, describe in ticket

alexbidel: buy buy Sex ;)

alexbidel: another amazing day with Sex

Murali12345 L1: wnpoint, your account hack :( ?

Murali12345 L1: wnpoint, there will be confirmation code before login then how it got hacked ?

JD2dany L0: Egold: Error It is impossible to create an investment because there is not enough reserve funds for the first payment.

paflorin L0: JD2dany, why would you like to invest in egold :)))))))?

JD2dany L0: paflorin, 1% daily

Bitbang: Hello dominikherzog, warden, I hope you can help me, do you have any news of the end of the maintenance mode to be able to withdraw the coins of the CLOAK wallet?

paflorin L0: don't get much does a egold value ....?

JD2dany L0: paflorin, 0.00000360 doge

paflorin L0: JD2dany, check the sell order on the egold/btc

JD2dany L0: paflorin, there is no BTC market but there is doge market

paflorin L0: on 0.00000001 there are 259860765211.96498206 egold coin which means 2598.60765211 btc

paflorin L0: whatever you want....... :)

JD2dany L0: paflorin, ok, i understand, it's pretty much dead (like everything else)

paflorin L0: JD2dany, think about it.... if nobody will buy your crap coins...what will you do with them :)))))))