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Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, It's just weird that it not me this time lol

cobratoontje: svenstro, cmon

Jojohallbrook: xd

svenstro L0: i';ll come to you, since I know you can't afford to go anywhere bitch. you lose all your money on yobit

cobratoontje: svenstro, ill pay ur ticket

Zcash123: Will the DOC Guards let this happen?

cobratoontje: with such nick ur far away kid

svenstro L0: you live in globalist europe, no doubt. probably wearing a mask as you frantically type on your keyboard

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, ya plan on investing in more micro?

cobratoontje: svenstro, when ull come , lol

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, Not sure yet. I may save for a light if it kind of stays at this per day level

cobratoontje: svenstro, envie detected

Jojohallbrook: I'm curious if prices will go back to how they were

cobratoontje: svenstro, iwld like to get u in person

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, I dont think it will be back like it was. I would be happy if it just stayed at this level forever.

svenstro L0: i;d love it. you're 165 pounds soaking wet, keyboard bitch

cobratoontje: mano el mano like they say

cobratoontje: svenstro, 1 hand strapped round my back

cobratoontje: and on my knees

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, I sure hope so. but it seems likely to at least go up in price when minex increases?

svenstro L0: that's how i ride your mom every night

svenstro L0: while you're used to being on your knees.

cobratoontje: svenstro, ur age comes up again , watch it

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, The high BTC is causing some of the issues. When it comes down it will help

cobratoontje: svenstro, no , cut the crap , when we will meet up ?

svenstro L0: send address

cobratoontje: svenstro, rlly lookin forward

cobratoontje: svenstro, u cant affort

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, yeah you're probably right

Zcash123: I wonder if anyone has ever gottren the "Up to 4BTC" from posting a screen shot of your miners in the forums

svenstro L0: cobratoontje, recycled material. dummy.

cobratoontje: svenstro, u tha man , i sell dice to btc

Zcash123: I could get 2 gold miners if I won lol

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, giveaway doesn't happen until November they said, so it's a one-time thing for now

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, I will post mine tomorrow

cobratoontje: mommy !

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, I'm having trouble logging in to the website so I can't join

cobratoontje: cobra is not nice

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, I'm having trouble logging in to the website so I can't join

Jojohallbrook: dup text that's weird

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, That sucks. Have you placed a support ticket?

KeyTim L1: i'll tell you a bad joke: Dlrs 10k sat by november 30.

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, nah I don't think I'll bother chances of winning seems too low anyway

Zcash123: Jojohallbrook, Still, could be 36K a week lol

Jojohallbrook: but I guess ya never know what could happen

Zcash123: I would be one hell of a X-Nas

Zcash123: X-Mas

Jojohallbrook: I'll try creating another account i guess let ya know how it goes when I do

Zcash123: Sorry 38K a month

Jojohallbrook: Zcash123, lol ikr