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lochshire: ybmuskan11, doubt it .. most coins that go internal only see steady decline into nothing

usr7341 L2: ybmuskan11, sure, you can bet on that outcome too. but i see chances for something like this extremely low

K9crypts: EDC got infected by corona now isolated at yobit hospital

lochshire: Most likely outcome ... over next 2 days as most investors see the internal only tweet the price is gonna start go down steadily

frejak2000: PONY RACES 1:55 minutes...Place your bets!..All Pony's already had Covid!

Arjan82: frejak2000, lol :D

lochshire: After that once most have dropped out .. then it will be just the newbies who dont know better doing trading on it ... with the exception of the few who actually understands how things work and just hang around to scalp the newbies dry

usr7341 L2: if you ask me, edc is now just another ib-coin with no buy wall, unknown supply and very low daily % while dont have to do anything since it does not require an action. though, the volatility in price in coming days might destroy your dailies. you make only 5% over 30days...

lochshire: usr7341, I think all the smart money is already out .. now its just the casual guys who are dropping over the next few days ... then it's all newbies and shills after that .. lol

ybmuskan11: EDC IB is 0.17% daily then it will go up I am sure now. It will cross 200 sat soon

fearus1: lol yobit, usdt investbox?

usr7341 L2: lochshire, yeah, trading is about different expectations etc. what i feel here is that people still dont understand that the edc supply on yobit experienced a "take over".

lochshire: ybmuskan11, Hope you call it right .. but IB alone can't hold up any coin ... and the vast majority of the money has already been pulled from it.. I see it as going the way of Liza very soon

lochshire: usr7341, there has been a major consolidation without doubt ;)

tablepiece: lochshire, i just hope for a pump somewhere, first edc changes 20/1 swop to 5/1, 1/1 in a retarded attempt to protect investors or so. today they change it back to 10/1 and yobit protects investors with this lol

tablepiece: confusion sandwich

lochshire: tablepiece, yeah ... I never invested in it so I don't know the whole story ... but as we said in the Army ... it turned into a real clusterfluck fast

tablepiece: lochshire, yup story short, they did a swap and because of some weird promiss they suddenly changed the swop rate to market price. surprise surprise, market price adjust :)

lochshire: I'm just one of those casual guys who look for a few bits of coin here and there ... but I learned a long time ago that patterns matter in this space .. and this is a very familiar pattern ;)

tablepiece: lochshire, market is good anyway, have been some casual dumps in good coins. just try to catch them :)

usr7341 L2: lochshire, you can bring all patterns always down to greed and fear. was one of my conclusions while doing studies in charts... btw clusterfuck sounds funny. i heard that few days ago, but i dont remember where. i like to use sometimes "i love the smell of profits in the morning" when i open my yobit trading account

teneke L0: yeahh edc yobit coin now

lochshire: usr7341, clusterfuck and SNAFU are old school Army terms for someone royally screwed up

ybmuskan11: I think those who are selling will cry later

tonk8037: ybmuskan11, +1

lochshire: usr7341, greed and fear are the two motivating factors we use in the Internet Marketing space to motivate people into buying ;)

ybmuskan11: lochshire, you are right

usr7341 L2: lochshire, and FUBAR

lochshire: usr7341, yep

ybmuskan11: Lots of user here want EDC Up so that they can sell and lots of User wants EDC down so that they can buy.

Wilkey L1: What about guess coin

lochshire: ybmuskan11, In the IM spce we call it FOMO ... Fear Of Missing Out

fatTimmy L0: i want it down so people start talking about anything other than it

axeltrix L0: edc deposit open all member dump

lochshire: lol

tonk8037: you cant win with 2hours,but more times

usr7341 L2: fatTimmy, LOL

axeltrix L0: 2 times open dump

lochshire: ybmuskan11, It took me 2 years of trading to figure out how to side step the greed and just ride the peaks and valleys instead of chasing them ;)

Yanadia: Lol

lochshire: My biggest downfall is that I am very impatient .. can't stand to let anything sit for very long .. lol

ybmuskan11: lochshire, Agree with you

tahamisohail L0: they should open deposit now

dominikherzog: tahamisohail, read last tweet

tonk8037: in this mind,you ll never win

KngHil: does having a sell order count as "WasSellTrade"? cus that really sucks

lochshire: So right now Im running a little experiement .. with just 100 doge I am gonna see how far I can take it just playing the dice games ... lol

usr7341 L2: KngHil, YES

Bnance10: I have solution for impatient investors/gamblers :-)

lochshire: Bnance10, what... go home? ;)