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fagner: From 2019 to 2020 closed 3 exchange that I used

fagner: Oops. I mean, 4 with tradesatoshi

fagner: They blocked the looting of btc, and put their doges to sell, in 60 satoshi

Pazur1987 L0: CORONA

tablepiece: MoZubair, yeah have some orders there

Pazur1987 L0: 0,00444567 USD

fares11 L0: hi

fawzigueraiche L0: CryptoTalk dont pay today what happend with it?

KngHil: why did tradesat decide not to just bail with everybodys money

AltairHQ L0: fawzigueraiche, wait more.

fawzigueraiche L0: AltairHQ, ok weekend

energyl33t L0: how long i need wait for cryptotalk balance?

Elrey906 L1: HI , no estan pagando los yodas

fagner: Elrey906, Si, estan

robert87: los yodas hay que jugar a los dados

robert87: donde esta ese opcion

fagner: robert87, [link] button

fagner: "orange" is link?

fagner: robert87, /en/dice/

TheGoldenOrder L1: Cant cancel an order wtf

fagner: TheGoldenOrder, >>>/en/orders/

TheGoldenOrder L1: Cant cancel orders roflmao

TheGoldenOrder L1: Its bugged

fagner: TheGoldenOrder, F5 then

TheGoldenOrder L1: I go there and I can't see the cancel button I just click the order and brings me back to the trading market

fagner: TheGoldenOrder, Orders >>>> drag the screen to the right (bar at the bottom of the page) and cancel your order

TheGoldenOrder L1: ......

dominikherzog: the best offer..only now...hurry up....

dominikherzog: only now for free

zine05: wich offer

dominikherzog: week ban

zine05: hahaha XD

fagner: dominikherzog, me?

KngHil: dominikherzog, ban alex

energyl33t L0: dominikherzog, how long i need to wait cryptotalk's paying?

dominikherzog: limited time

energyl33t L0: how long?

webtool: dominikherzog, you giving away bans?

fagner: I'm not understanding what I did wrong

fagner: fagner, shut up! - ok

raypol: This is better than cable TV lol

BTOCN: 404 coin Possible deposit ?

raypol: But WAIT ! If you act ow, we'll throw extra at no cost

geostima L1: withdrawal fees guys, please lower them, 500 doge fee for withdrawing is a little overboard tbh.

howudewin: TheGoldenOrder, what coin?

fagner: I loss 0,001btc with fu*** QQQ

saladass L1: lol

dandrade18 L0: donde puedo jugas a los dados (dice)???no encuenbtro esa opcion

fagner: dandrade18, en la parte superior del sitio, el botón naranja

howudewin: fagner, did you sell it?