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0.03141250 0%0YobitCoin
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ZEC0.01203358+ 8.7%762.2Zcash
ETH0.02906829- 0.7%670Ethereum
LSK0.00022507- 2.7%384.2Lisk
LTC0.01490419+ 4.2%167.7Litecoin
WAVES0.00026086- 1.2%122.3Waves
ETC0.00092033- 1.6%29EthereumClassic
BTC$9288.47- 1.3%28.3Bitcoin
BTCR583819.30- 1.6%16.6Bitcoin
KBC0.00000943- 1.8%14.3KaratBank Coin
YOBTC0.00824339- 2.5%10.7YoBTC
LBR0.00000005- 16.7%9.9LIBERTALIA
EDC0.00000046+ 12.2%8.2EDC blockchain
ETHR16950.00- 2.2%6.1Ethereum
BGP0.00003568- 3.3%5.1Big Capital
WOW0.00009700+ 1%4.8WOWcoin
DOGE0.00000035+ 3%4.6Dogecoin
YUPA0.00002300+ 16.6%4.2Osteria
XRP0.00004825+ 4.6%4Ripple
ETH$270.91- 1.5%3.6Ethereum
NOAH0.00000006 0%3.1NoahCoin
AGR0.00000008+ 14.3%3.1Autograde
LTC$137.50+ 1.8%2.6Litecoin
PYN0.00000560- 19.7%2.2PAYCENT
XRP$0.44+ 1.9%2.1Ripple
LIZA0.00030070+ 40.5%2.1Bitcoin Liza
LTCR8642.47+ 1.6%1.8Litecoin
RDD0.00000024+ 9.1%1.3Reddcoin
ATB0.00000061- 15.3%1.1ATBCoin

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Warning! For ATOMIX, MIO, SKYMAX you can’t close investment, you can only get your daily percent.

InvestBox's for these tokens will be switched to new type (no investment close, you can only get daily percent) on 22 may: SKYMAX, QUBIX, MACRO, URANIX, MOON, YOBIX, PLUTO, YOZI, LIZA, LAMBO, LIMBO, LIZUN
Investment plans
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tomdh10 L1: so you have 5.5M zxz and youre not happy when its up... strange

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, they need to sell lol

placebo1977 L2: tomdh10, 5.5M is NOTHING, it is like 14 YOBTC lol

goldeliteclub: do you guys think new ieo will have 6% ib :P

Jmangler19: placebo1977, I'm selling small amount at a time

tomdh10 L1: Jmangler19, why not buy ixi, it is only five days old and trading at 130 ridiculously low price

Jmangler19: And almost instantly being baught

tomdh10 L1: i bought 2.6M ixi half an hour ago

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, i don't sell any at current rate :)

Jmangler19: I just sold 3 million in [link]

cryptocadet L0: hey guys help me dump bsv

Jmangler19: placebo1977, I'm not.. box was done and I was bored

tomdh10 L1: cryptocadet, help you dump bsv?

cryptocadet L0: bchsv

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, lol +1

Jmangler19: placebo1977, I need to feel like I'm making some kind of money over here =/

Jmangler19: Most excitement I've had all week

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, you know... one day you will have the next YOZI, TRIX, in your hands, and you will make big profit

Jmangler19: Scottie920 has a nice bag of ixi

Jmangler19: placebo1977, I'm well over due

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, i have more lol

cryptocadet L0: tomdh10, Yes, it needs to DUMP

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, bullsh.... it is crypto everything can change so fast

Jmangler19: placebo1977, how much?

manbtc007: Jmangler19, when was the delivery date

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, 55M

Jmangler19: manbtc007, last week

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, what is still in fact nothing... if it move to 200 yosat then it is still only 110 YOBTC or 0.90 BTC lol

Jmangler19: placebo1977, that seems like nothing because [link] cheap yobtc is

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, all the YOBTC trading coins are so cheap that they need to do x10 to make it interesting to earn something

Jmangler19: It shouldnt be this cheap. Not alot of people have yobtc

tomdh10 L1: i feel like IXI is gonna make a BIG move up

Jmangler19: But yobit seems to always pump their coins everyone loses hope in

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, i'm expecting some real big p umps by whales

placebo1977 L2: tomdh10, as long as they wait one month before doing the big move i'm happy

Jmangler19: I'm at 120 waiting

Jmangler19: On ixi

Jmangler19: So dont trust that wall.. I'll pull it if you come close

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, yeah yobit need to try and keep YOBTC stable... they can use the fees that are generated by the exchange to keep the price stable

tomdh10 L1: Jmangler19, man i doubt ixi is gonna do 120 again

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, 13 YOBTC isn't a wall lol

Jmangler19: placebo1977, yobtc could be around forever if they were smart

Jmangler19: And they could save their btc

2freshmedia: Jmangler19, that I totally agree with

Jmangler19: And use yobtc for ieos

cryptocadet L0: POLL: 1. Craig Wright is a fraud ||| 2. Craig Wright is a fxcking fraud

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, for sure.... let wait and see what they will release soon

Jmangler19: placebo1977, this coming IEO is the one [link] and buy early if you catch it


Jmangler19: They need to give some of thsy BTC out and push it