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Name Price Ch. Vol.
Name Price Ch. Vol. fullname
0.03131000 + 0.1% 0.1 YobitCoin
ETH 0.03093749 - 3.5% 2335.1 Ethereum
PLUTO 0.00000057 0% 1875.6 Plutonix
ZEC 0.01242981 - 4.5% 802.6 Zcash
DASH 0.02196305 - 3.7% 583.2 DASH
LSK 0.00035320 - 5% 319.7 Lisk
WAVES 0.00046968 - 3.3% 289.1 Waves
LTC 0.01393964 - 4% 174.5 Litecoin
URANIX 0.00000035 + 6.1% 73.2 UraniX
BTC $5895.00 + 4% 57.5 Bitcoin
BTC R368899.99 + 3.2% 41 Bitcoin
KBC 0.00000799 - 0.2% 36.6 KaratBank Coin
MOON 0.00000069 + 9.6% 19.5 Moon
EDRC 0.00011900 - 24.7% 13.4 EDRCoin
DOGE 0.00000050 - 3.9% 13.3 Dogecoin
LBR 0.00000035 - 12.5% 12.2 LIBERTALIA
ETH $183.67 + 1.1% 10.7 Ethereum
BCHABC 0.05332418 - 1.9% 9.2 BitcoinCashABC
YOZI 0.00000019 + 26.7% 8.5 YoZi
FTO 0.00035600 - 6.9% 8.2 FuturoCoin
NOAH 0.00000007 - 12.5% 7.4 NoahCoin
EDC 0.00000064 - 9.9% 7 EDC blockchain
ETH R11322.65 - 0.6% 6 Ethereum
YUPA 0.00078000 - 17.1% 5.8 Osteria
FUND 0.00000001 0% 4.4 FUND Chain
CLUB 0.00004626 - 7.5% 4.4 ClubCoin
XRP 0.00005815 - 4.4% 4 Ripple
LTC $82.41 + 0.4% 3.9 Litecoin
USD R62.02 - 1.6% 3.1 USD
ETC 0.00107700 - 2.4% 3 EthereumClassic

Investment plans

Invest your free coins to InvestBox! It’s a tool for devs to promote their coins. It’s NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to «No coins», but you can close your investment any time, it’s 100% safe.

For MOON and URANIX InvestBox's you need to make any 20 buy trades on MOON-btc and URANIX-btc pairs / daily. For PLUTO InvestBox you need to make any 10 buy trades on MOON-btc, URANIX-btc and PLUTO-btc pairs / hourly (total 30 buys).
Investment plans
Coin Percent Period MinInvest MaxInvest Action Status  

arnab00725 L0: ohk got it!

simonsez420: howudewin, heck yea

arnab00725 L0: m trying to build a trade bot

howudewin: simonsez420, might i suggest staying out of the mud then

simonsez420: howudewin, yea lol note taken

Ilanjaafrass: Haha Pluto getting dark and darker

howudewin: simonsez420, any news on DFT?

arnab00725 L0: no suprise that pluto is moved to draft planets :p

simonsez420: howudewin, we removed kyc from the casino, only req's for wd over 9999 usd

lestherat: your sell order at 60 will drop pluto to 50 asshole

arnab00725 L0: is there any discord group of traders

howudewin: simonsez420, nice...remind me not to wd that much at one tim anyway

Humza: warden, what is total supply of pluto?

arnab00725 L0: btw you guys call yourself traders!how much time youspend here?

howudewin: arnab00725, 4 minutes per day..but i double that on weekends

taslim1 L1: arnab00725, 6-8 hours daily

arnab00725 L0: and how much an average trader can make...if he practic like 6month?

taslim1 L1: no idea . i am not daily trader

taslim1 L1: where are you from ?

arnab00725 L0: india

pochu21 L1: Is the new ico Pluto?

jafarjj L1: yozi is best investment...

taslim1 L1: pochu21, yes

jafarjj L1: yozi best and easy

Kefas94 L1: hello

arnab00725 L0: yess.. yozi

TigrouStarcat L1: yozi and yovi is scam

Kefas94 L1: someone know when withdraw for EOS will be available?

onlinedragon L0: arnab00725, if you are new expect no profit you have to learn first

pochu21 L1: taslim1, thanks

howudewin: TigrouStarcat, if you cant make a profit off Yozi then you are the scam

bibifook L1: go uranix

HubertRykalaLTD L0: What is the difference between TUSD, USDT, USDC and USDS?

arnab00725 L0: i am not looking for any profit.. i just want to know how much can a average trader can possible make in his worst possible time

TigrouStarcat L1: fuck yozi liza yovi

usr7341: arnab00725, lol

howudewin: arnab00725, worse possible time you can pretty much lose it all

gerhardc: TigrouStarcat, you missed a few planets

usr7341: arnab00725, you asking questions. this would assume, that someone of us would know all the trades and the performance of a lot of users here

howudewin: gerhardc, a few animals too

gerhardc: and a moon lol

lestherat: told you 60 sats Pluto seller

lestherat: now 56 sats

arnab00725 L0: can an average experianced trader can make like 5-10% in a month?

lestherat: better sell now or later at 40

placebo1977: lestherat, maybe that is his plan... getting more coins at lower prices ;)

Kefas94 L1: someone know when ESO withdraw will e possible?

usr7341: arnab00725, yes, he can

placebo1977: lestherat, look at the orderbook, he also know when he can get it at 50sat that it can easily move back to 70+ sat

arnab00725 L0: ohkk