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IAMSORRY: s0ldi3r, Btc?? Retracing selling could happen leading towards $8600. There are not much support below to that until $ 7400. I do still think BTC on the downtrend only in the days/weeks to come. There is a noise stating btc Futures are luring the institutions.

s0ldi3r: IAMSORRY, thank you

IAMSORRY: s0ldi3r, On the otherhand, I was thinking BTC might take longer time anything like 2023 end to reach $ 50K + . Lets see what is stored in the rest of the month. Majority of exchanges bringing the miners to down to sell the btc, even at the loss! Since may 2020, Bitmain antminer S19 pro is only the active miner making profits! Old ASICS rigs are hurting alot to miners!

s0ldi3r: IAMSORRY, +1 true. 50K will never happen though.

s0ldi3r: IAMSORRY, unless I sell all my btc. Then 100k is even possible lol

anandraikwar L0: Hiii

rodelrodel45 L0: there is no buyer of my dice haha

alexbidel: s0ldi3r, if btc drop to 6k again, then main target will be 40k

alexbidel: now , target is 20-and secondly 30k at max

alexbidel: i hope it drop ;)

s0ldi3r: alexbidel, 13k is ultimate price for btc ever

IAMSORRY: s0ldi3r, BTC holdings goes like this ( 30% of btc not moved in last 3 yrs, 44% btc not moved in 2 yrs 61 % of btc not moved in last 1 yr). This level is reaching all time high of longterm holding. But we cant see the repeat of 2017 right away as pandmic is pushing everyone to the corner, even some are switching/thinking the profession. As a result we might see long delay of superb Bull run!

alexbidel: s0ldi3r, 3-4 years ago also same people said 8k is the ultimate target lol

alexbidel: IAMSORRY, +1

s0ldi3r: alexbidel, it doesn't mean btc can ever hit 20k.

s0ldi3r: I respect your opinions. But nobody wants a super expensive btc. It just doesn't work.

IAMSORRY: s0ldi3r, This is the time you need to act double smart. How? Instead of eyeing taller limit.... Estabilish your portfolio and amass as much as btc with less profits for next few months and invest them into the gutsy altcoins to score something in longtern. Thus way, you would be allright not losing the time as well as regrouping yourself for the anticipated/much delayed bull run [link] You wont be trapped by any circumstances , Thats for sure!

Messmokdad L0: Is the dice coin the same on the platform HitBTC?

s0ldi3r: IAMSORRY, I agree

IAMSORRY: s0ldi3r, We cant ruled out in one-view as it kept on revolving. Lets say....11% of teh Americans own btc( at least small amount in their kitty). There are about 41 millions of self employed in Americans are eyeing for new technology. If trace the transition of smaller company into a tech Giant...They followed the same path. One slippery momeny of the economy as a nation can derail the economy. Same as one stupid can create the FOMO over btc as its something inevitable in modern days either you hate or love!

gian123: dice 1 % ib loss 30 % daily haha goood

IAMSORRY: momeny- moment*

IAMSORRY: K9crypts, I would request him to stay with us into Yobit. We all need him somehow! You cant leave the legends behind us!

s0ldi3r: IAMSORRY, +1

IAMSORRY: Messmokdad, No

tablepiece: fandihg, doge is a free coin :)

marcoc89 L0: hi , can i withdrawal a dice coin?

IAMSORRY: marcoc89, no

UltraMod has banned fandihg until 14.07.2020 13:20:24.

ghenurtobias L0: Mask will pumping soon

ghenurtobias L0: Buy mask token and invest now dont waste your time guys

yusufwelo32 L0: Red day

marinin393: ghenurtobias, geh nur!

maddyrajput92 L0: marcoc89, hotbit exchange

maddyrajput92 L0: 0.0000000451

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, Hi

maddyrajput92 L0: dice coin prise

marinin393: yusufwelo32, hi

zul16 L0: why ib not pay until now

marinin393: zul16, today is Maintance on YoBit, there are some delays on IBs

GoodLuckCrypto: marinin393, Says what tweet?

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, what is look like the market to you today?

marinin393: yusufwelo32, like crypto :D

marcoc89 L0: maddyrajput92, thank's but the wallet is closed. it's internal coin yobit

marinin393: GoodLuckCrypto, says UltraMod :)

zul16 L0: marinin393, thanks bro information

yusufwelo32 L0: marinin393, that's a good news thx

GoodLuckCrypto: marinin393, when? ppl must just be patient

zul16 L0: marcoc89, good news

marinin393: GoodLuckCrypto, few hrs ago, he says and also my IBs was for some hrs in waiting status and now them payed... also deposit problems on XRP today :)