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0.03141250 0%0YobitCoin
DASH0.01773141+ 0.9%926.5DASH
ZEC0.01202253+ 8.8%760.4Zcash
ETH0.02901387- 1.8%593.1Ethereum
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BTC$9256.00- 0.8%28.4Bitcoin
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BTCR582000.10- 1.2%16.6Bitcoin
KBC0.00000953+ 0.2%14.9KaratBank Coin
YOBTC0.00800200- 6.8%11YoBTC
LBR0.00000005 0%9.9LIBERTALIA
EDC0.00000046+ 12.2%8.3EDC blockchain
ETHR16950.00- 2.5%6.4Ethereum
BGP0.00003566- 3.4%5.1Big Capital
WOW0.00009700+ 1%4.8WOWcoin
DOGE0.00000034 0%4.5Dogecoin
ETH$272.10- 1.2%4.1Ethereum
YUPA0.00002300+ 20.8%3.2Osteria
NOAH0.00000006 0%3.1NoahCoin
XRP0.00004713- 5.1%2.8Ripple
LTC$137.59+ 2%2.4Litecoin
LIZA0.00026901+ 19.6%2.2Bitcoin Liza
PYN0.00000587- 11.9%2.2PAYCENT
AGR0.00000008+ 14.3%2.1Autograde
LTCR8664.29+ 0.4%1.6Litecoin
XRP$0.44- 3.8%1.5Ripple
RDD0.00000026+ 18.2%1.4Reddcoin
ATB0.00000061- 15.3%1.1ATBCoin

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Comments/Additional Info

candyguyyy L0: So Ladies - Did any one visit Cyprus B4??

pdias1988 L1: placebo1977, where is new ico man? LOL

tomdehauwere: good times coming for liza !!

glowbox907: tomdehauwere, im waiting for it to drop more lol

placebo1977 L2: glowbox907, +1

tomdehauwere: glowbox907, really? why?

tomdehauwere: why would you want liza to drop more....

placebo1977 L2: glowbox907, liza is way too expensive

tomdehauwere: placebo1977, one of your most ridiculous statements

glowbox907: so i can get at 17k and set my orders again it always double never fails

placebo1977 L2: tomdehauwere, i'm not the only one that think that... look at glowbox.. so he also ridiculous?

placebo1977 L2: glowbox907, i think buying at 21k is happening soon, no need to buy at 30k when in the coming hours it will hit 21 k lol

tomdehauwere: surprisingly liza dropped less in 1 month than the inflation

placebo1977 L2: tomdehauwere, so liza expensive.. you now even confirm it lol

tomdehauwere: it was 20k 4 days ago so that was perfect buy moment

glowbox907: placebo1977, of course the way i see anything thats half of its peak here lately which is 40k+

tomdehauwere: as i remembered it for a long time it dropped more than 10% per day

placebo1977 L2: glowbox907, indeed

glowbox907: and there is kbc good call

tomdehauwere: you could double your investment on liza since last week

placebo1977 L2: tomdehauwere, so then it is now not the time to buy... and wait till you can again double, it won't do x4

tomdehauwere: wow kbc, great

glowbox907: tomdehauwere, i did only took 3 days i think

tomdehauwere: placebo1977, why not? you said yourself, yozi x100

Cryptosmart: Who dumped ZXZ?

placebo1977 L2: Cryptosmart, nice, keep up the good work

Cryptosmart: I want more dump on ZXZ

placebo1977 L2: Cryptosmart, +1 lol

tomdehauwere: can anyone here tell me if ZEC send is fast?

Cryptosmart: Have orders unfilled

bahasaket L0: if before ico yobtc 800k so after ico it goes easlly to 100k

Payumoney: rr dam kucked

placebo1977 L2: bahasaket, 0.01? for sure

glowbox907: tomdehauwere, i think it is bro

goldeliteclub: bahasaket, that won't happen my dude LOL

tknacif L1: Is atomix investbom all right?

tomdehauwere: glowbox907, i hope so, i try it out now

glowbox907: goldeliteclub, he must be smoking or new

tknacif L1: Is atomix investbox* all right?

glowbox907: tomdehauwere, it is i sent some from coinbase that was free got here quick

glowbox907: if ncoin goes to .008 that shit would be epic

goldeliteclub: glowbox907, probably new xD

tomdehauwere: glowbox907, less than 5 minutes?

glowbox907: hell yeah less than 3

pdias1988 L1: yobtc coming 0,007

tomdehauwere: glowbox907, im still waiting for the send of other exchange to complete

temp1 L2: go DIME ! go ! :)

Slapdatazz: temp1, this may be our time again !

tomdehauwere: it is finally sending

temp1 L2: Slapdatazz, sure ! lot of signals ...