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Redward: Love the humour here!

slamet005 L1: zochef987, X10 ib still pay?

marinin393 L1: slamet005, xes

marinin393 L1: yes

slamet005 L1: marinin393, thanks

jb12345678: usr7341, i only trade in virgin goats now very lucrative market and when it is slaughtered the meat is so tender

maciocia: Play and win at the Yobit Pony races! Make bets - take prizes! Win 2-100x from your initial bet!

EgorEgorov7 L1: slamet005, х 10 cul

marinin393 L1: EgorEgorov7, realy cul!

EgorEgorov7 L1: marinin393, + 300 real today

marinin393 L1: EgorEgorov7, почемы бы и нет ;)

EgorEgorov7 L1: marinin393, )))

Jisuri L1: Pony Starting now Finally :)...

Solomando: Herro.

placebo1977: who is that idiot that is buying all PONY, let it drop to 3 sat first

placebo1977: Jisuri, that pony ib still paying, so nice :)

EgorEgorov7 L1: go x 10 - 3

wolwoo L0: X10 go 500 sat

Solomando: Good luck on that three.

usr7341: Trading chicken gave me milk. Trading ‘worthless’ coins gave me a new car :-) besides, the stock market is controlled by algos where you can only invest in long term. Everything else is a really hard job to make profits.

Solomando: usr7341, I make $50k a year selling used clothes online.

usr7341: Solomando, that’s the spirit. Buy low, sell high

Solomando: Untapped market, no one even had a b*t to list their things.

Solomando: And no one wants to go into a thrift store.

usr7341: Crypto is really nice new space bc even as an half brained idiot you have a chance to make profits bc it’s full of complete idiots. Like this plz hlp me guy

bambolino7 L0: nottyhassan, i hope so edc

EgorEgorov7 L1: wolwoo, yes x 10 - +300

marinin393 L1: plz help my guuuys... just donate me 1 BTC! It would change my situation rapidly... each BTC would mean I have 1 BTC more!

Solomando: Just remember, every 60 seconds....a minute passes.

marinin393 L1: Solomando, dang how could I now live with this information?!

Solomando: marinin393, a time...

marinin393 L1: 1...2...3..

KngHil: pony is a waste of space

marinin393 L1: KngHil, ure an ponyphob?

bambolino7 L0: edc its OFF

tablepiece: bambolino7, bad project?

zaidzaid: wow dash

zahidlatif72 L1: I think lambo pump again

Merkato: zaidzaid, dash moon again?

zaidzaid: Merkato, well yes

Merkato: zaidzaid, how?

zaidzaid: Merkato, 10% increase today

Merkato: zaidzaid, X10 +200% today what the different?

EgorEgorov7 L1: marinin393, 3 - start - 10

zaidzaid: Merkato, i think x10 going to 5 or 7 sat

EgorEgorov7 L1: x 10 i love u

bambolino7 L0: tablepiece, WHY YOU SAY THAT

Merkato: zaidzaid, LOL

hani20980: EgorEgorov7, fake pump lol

samcafe: why Pony pumped?