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lakho786 L0: mhm27, r u sure

bhoz544 L0: Egold will up again

alexcalmon L1: bhoz544, egold 1sat?

bhoz544 L0: [YC]JrC891f4sSfdgL0VugvSIc9gnHEwrSvpln5aKPnFNz8DJotXMf+vPba9KxaJjOuf[/YC]GOLD

bhoz544 L0: alexcalmon, egold/usd

Oroca1986 L0: Egold to the moon

bhoz544 L0: Oroca1986, 150% up to day

Oroca1986 L0: Wait for another 1000%

alexcalmon L1: Oroca1986, easy

Oroca1986 L0: XD

diegolebe: Were is egold investbox?

Oroca1986 L0: Usd tab

Mulcomputer L0: create new ib for EGOLD please

smartspender L2: egold 14% a day inflation probs ran out of coins

smartspender L2: max cap already distributed? lol

smartspender L2: yobit buy back? lol

hilmiredza L0: egold when??

Nafi15 L1: I Love You Full

KaratKrys L0: comingwealth, yes go go go

Solomando: Something go.

KaratKrys L0: Solomando, egold

tran247: Solomando, the other end of YO spectrum. Lots of folks benefited from Yo-Free 14% IB and only now it shows.

tran247: And we all

tran247: can kinda guess what’s next :-)

Solomando: I'm three lessons away from being a commissioned cargo ship.

KaratKrys L0: Solomando, oh wow are you serious?

Solomando: KaratKrys, I can still be used as a cargo ship, but I have to be tethered.

KaratKrys L0: a cargo ship?

Solomando: Yes.

KaratKrys L0: oh wow.... not trying to be nosey did u buy this ship with your investments here?

Solomando: KaratKrys, I am the ship...

KaratKrys L0: ok cool gotcha! lol

KaratKrys L0: comingwealth, im in agreement with you amen!

KaratKrys L0: comingwealth, The earth is His and the fullness thereof!

tnorris77: baby shark doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo doo doo

slamet005 L1: Buy orox,and invesbox 0.7%/day

tran247: Solomando, what happened to glow?

tran247: You’re talking about shipping and handling, right?

Chaka2002: egold baby

sawa777 L0: Egold foreva

KaratKrys L0: is egold sold on other exchanges?

GILLBATES: Admin , when EGOLD IB open? cmon its been over a week now , must be any day soon?

GILLBATES: 14 % is the best IB when it opens , the price will rocket

comingwealth L0: KaratKrys, we will talk..i must go now



KaratKrys L0: comingwealth, ok have a good eveing

KaratKrys L0: *evening

Solomando: I need to roost these boat eggs.

tompi L0: hi