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vipsingh108 L1: Jangkung, you are nice joking about micro

Jangkung L0: let's buy fast 180 sat already waiting

slamet005 L0: Jangkung, buy buy buy

slamet005 L0: Before late,micro go to the moon

KngHil: Sometimes I feel like some users have the ability to see my balance

Jisuri: The Micro spam is real.....lets see how long it will go :D

Bolank L0: KngHil, I'm sure you're just talking big but the reality is zero

KngHil: L0: Bolank, lol.. 600k btc is talking big?

KngHil: anyways you can ask Craig Wright

slamet005 L0: KngHil, micro go back 180 sathosi,buy buy buy

Bolank L0: KngHil, don't joke anymore .. your talking is ridiculous

KngHil: slamet005, you have a plan?

KngHil: Bolank, you btc just went to zero.. that's ok

KngHil: your*

KngHil: If I bought invest today I'm 100% sure it will be 100sat in a few seconds

slamet005 L0: KngHil, wait and see,micro go back

Bolank L0: KngHil, so then problems for you ... I don't care

KngHil: Bolank, what is wrong with you

KngHil: Bolank, you don't like my 600k btc?

plorph L1: sup folks, i think we're at beginning of alt szn, what bags we holdin?

KngHil: slamet005, I will buy at 100sat lol

KngHil: but you will sell to me at 1sat

Bolank L0: KngHil, it's yours .. what right do I have to like

KngHil: Bolank, I can make you L-20

yusufwelo32 L0: KngHil, lol

Bolank L0: KngHil, Don't joke anymore, brother

yusufwelo32 L0: KngHil, can you make me L-1/2 please

KngHil: yusufwelo32, why are you writing in Chinese

kailashnahan L1: YODA is trustable even under these circumstances

Bolank L0: KngHil,how can I believe .. you just do not look L-20 wkwk

yusufwelo32 L0: KngHil, because I am chinese

Timboy L0: I see there is no investments plans under investbox. Anyone know why?

KngHil: yusufwelo32, my uncle Smart is also chinese

ozgurozkan L0: WOW

KngHil: Bolank, how can I be a L negative stupid

Bolank L0: KngHil, better fool than you liar

KngHil: Bolank, keep hating little man, keep hating

ozgurozkan L0: yusufwelo32, Are you Sryian?

Jangkung L0: choosing the micro market is a smart choice, because it is very promising in the trading business, therefore keep the spirit to buy as much as possible in order to return to 180 sat .

Bolank L0: Jangkung, I agree with you ... micro has the potential to go up because of many users

Jisuri: Bolank, you mean thr many users that lost alot from Micro? :)

Bolank L0: Jisuri, are you one of those who sell micro at low prices ... I hope you don't get heart problems .. wow.. hahaha

sharpmen786: wow wow

sharpmen786: wow pump

yusufwelo32 L0: KngHil, i see , you look like your uncle

CryptoYas: Just EOS soon

Jisuri: Bolank, i didnt have micro to begin with...but the last 2 days you did see how many ppl lost or? So you think they will buy more? ;)

Bolank L0: Jisuri, indeed I care whether you have a micro or not.

placebo1977: sharpmen786, so much spam

KngHil: some are here to cry.. the rest of us just make profits