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Jmangler19: I'll loose too much again

shizminer L0: tomdehauwere, 0.00795 full me up

tomdehauwere: shizminer, good price

placebo1977 L2: yobit if you are bored.... IXI only need 170 YOBTC till 850 yosat, put a 1000 YOBTC order at 850 yosat, allow me to sell my 55M and then move YOBTC up to 0.03 BTC lol

Jmangler19: Ixi is doing very good

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, you know IXI is trading BELOW ieo price....

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, YOBTC collapse 70% so ieo price was not 100 but 170 yosat...

zolette L1: r/showmytitcoin wow that's becoming interesting ! LoL

zolette L1: warning nsfw

placebo1977 L2: sometimes i check the Russian chat to see if Warden is saying something :)

maciocia: placebo1977, do u speak russian?

placebo1977 L2: maciocia, of course i do

UoBit: maciocia, yes I do

maciocia: placebo1977, but you prefer english chat?

MaximusCrofus: new IEO when placebo has all the Yobtc.. Lol

Jmangler19: placebo1977, move that 64 yobtc order to 140 please

elessarts: looks like kbc is headed for another massive dump

placebo1977 L2: Jmangler19, but i'm so tired

Jmangler19: Noone trust yobtc

Jmangler19: Such small buys

Jmangler19: I can feel that yobit will catch all you dumpers by suprise.. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOBIT

cryptocadet L0: Jmangler19, (said no one ever)


shizminer L0: GILLBATES, stfu


placebo1977 L2: GILLBATES, if you repeat that enough then people will for sure believe you lol

Slapdatazz: lmao

shizminer L0: Slapdatazz, hey azz

GILLBATES L0: use tur coins

Slapdatazz: shizminer, whats hot man

shizminer L0: Slapdatazz, yobit promises ba dum tss

tran247: Say all you want about yone, before I could sell it for more than 1 sat, it is only a miscalculated Yobtc pennies

MaximusCrofus: yeahhhh kbc!!!

GILLBATES L0: media styles

tran247: Btc is what I care most about

cryptocadet L0: traders KILLIN IT on yobit

Jmangler19: tran247, yobtc taking over btc

Jmangler19: Fuck you dumpers

shizminer L0: Jmangler19, damn i didnt see the dump comin

cryptocadet L0: DUMP BSV/BCHSV

placebo1977 L2: marging trading will come on YOBTC and people will all short and yobit will move it to 0.05 BTC and all the shorts will loss all their money because of fair trading :)

GILLBATES L0: look at the IXI wall

placebo1977 L2: GILLBATES, i can created and do walls disappear

Slapdatazz: placebo1977, interesting

tomdehauwere: kbc ready to go back up 1000+

GILLBATES L0: thanks for that

placebo1977 L2: Slapdatazz, in fact we need that.... as it will generate some interesting moves on certain coins

shizminer L0: placebo1977, bruh yobtc at 0.05 is so fuckin hot

placebo1977 L2: shizminer, short squeeze

tomdehauwere: MaximusCrofus, +1