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lochshire: ybmuskan11, I see it at bottom of first page

glowbox907: will edc move up

xyy511 L1: hello?

sulmanasim1984: glowbox907, yes

julio2020 L0: Alisa pay 8% daily?

julio2020 L0: Edc good they pay daily 9%

julio2020 L0: In the wallet edc only

kattekop L1: julio2020, dangerous.. those interest rates

LJLS1958 L0: Why haven't my Yobit BTC (satoshi) been transferred to another Wallet? You already discounted the commission, and I still don't have

julio2020 L0: Yoda ,alisa and edc good

DanySO76 L1: i do not recoment to buy alisa becuase that toke pay you in investbox 8% dayly but the token lost 15% dayly so

DanySO76 L1: i recomend to buy YODA

glowbox907: who dumped edc last night

julio2020 L0: DanySO76, ok thanks

DanySO76 L1: but alisa not man

lochshire: glowbox907, NOONE here knows what edc will do .... never take investing advice from anyone in a chat ... pretty much anyone who tells you something will go up is just trying to get you to buy so they can get out of that coin

julio2020 L0: Not alisa so

DanySO76 L1: not alisa dont buy alisa

DanySO76 L1: when i bouth alisa i sell my yodas 2000yodas after a mounth i decided to sell my alisa with a value of 400 yoda... I lost 1600 yoda... :(

DanySO76 L1: i bouth alisa with the sell of my yodas 2000yodas

kattekop L1: DanySO76, don't do losses

kattekop L1: there will come a better time

DanySO76 L1: thanks man

kattekop L1: :)

DanySO76 L1: right now i have 1000yodas in investbox

bparajuli: EDC ready to dump?

kattekop L1: always

kattekop L1: I don't know what's inside those devs.

DanySO76 L1: i hope that the value of the yodas keet in that price, Yodas is a great oportunity

kattekop L1: DanySO76, If it's utmost low, then it's an opportunity, then you beat all your opponents, later on.

SamaraW: pony start 30 min

kattekop L1: Compare it to a supermarket, the shelves are full..

cryptolock: @admin, Can it also be indicated in the IB whether a plan is full or not in addition to the active status

Yanadia: kattekop, hahaha

kattekop L1: But the supermarket stock keeper his tshirts long bought before, in the winter.

kattekop L1: Yanadia, not laughing here :) Only the fittest survive in this crypto game.

Cryptokast: cryptolock, just pick the min amount and click invest, and just read

Yanadia: kattekop, :p :))

kattekop L1: Yanadia, welcome back by the wayyy :) :)

cryptolock: Cryptokast, Do I have to that with all the plans?

kattekop L1: It's good to read you.

Yanadia: kattekop, thx you

Cryptokast: yep

Bnance10: What is a reasonable, equivalent price range to sell Yoda in usdt, anyone can give me a figure? I want us to help out usdt market volume (in all coins$

usr7341 L2: Bnance10, ehmmm... btc usd price x yoda price in btc? +/- 1% bc of the spread in usdt?

frejak2000: WIN 2-100X your MONEY! PONY RACES in 22 minutes on YOBIT! Click on your ID at top of page and choose YOPONY to make your bet! (yes, I'm bored!)

cryptolock: Cryptokast, I think a column of full or something like that should save us that time better

Bnance10: usr7341, can you give a specific number? For everyone else too

usr7341 L2: Bnance10, nah i would just calculate the price in usd of yoda which is currently around 0.01315146 usd. ~ usdt

usr7341 L2: gtg