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djqbic L1: usr7341, "sobieska"

djqbic L1: king Jan III Sobieski

usr7341: djqbic, lol. I badly informed today. should kick the asses of the other guys over here....

usr7341: ok, anyway, lest starts some serious buying discussion as for now. whats on your shopping list guys? i am thinking of buying some yfi on fantom and putting them to work in the year vault

Yanadia: usr7341, lolz

djqbic L1: usr7341, yes, i think fantom have potential

djqbic L1: Yanadia, Hi;)

Masquevencedor L0: Admin! What happen with my TRX?

usr7341: Masquevencedor, create an support ticket on top of the page. only way

usr7341: hmm... just checked, the liquidity for yfi is not so on fantom and briding fees are to high. guess, if yfi, than just outright long speculation on a cex

Masquevencedor L0: usr7341, I did it! But I have not recieved any answer!

chouse L1: yo

usr7341: Masquevencedor, well. thas not a good sign. maybe you messed up during the transfer

chouse L1: what is DICE coin?

usr7341: Masquevencedor, most of the time when you dont get any reply from the support, its the users fault

chouse L1: i apparently have some. Is it worth anything and what can i do with it?

Masquevencedor L0: usr7341, Ok! Could you help me with that? Do I have to do another ticket?

usr7341: Masquevencedor, nah, that won't change anything if you messed up

usr7341: Masquevencedor, and, NOBODY FROM CHAT can help you. only support. anyone else trying to offer you help is a scammer

usr7341: whops. I realized, the apy on yfi is now ~81%. guess, gonna buy it straight on fantom anyway. the price is pretty close to the price on bn

usr7341: ofc that apy will stay there for ever. but gives at least bit cushion right now.

usr7341: wont stay...

manbtc007: REPAIR the site.

ramadan202035 L0: MODYbodyLOVE2022

ramadan202035 L0: Do you expect further decline?

ramadan202035 L0: I think a strong ice fish works on that

Friax5 L0: usdt is king now

ramadan202035 L0: It's everyone's revenge

ramadan202035 L0: When does the market go up?

chrisnjulie: ramadan202035, According to financial news.. sometime after Wednesday

Tomasz L1: Spitz soon 50 sat

linukas20 L1: buy ltc

maputlakgatle: my accont is frozen and surport is not responding to my ticket

BoastKit: maputlakgatle, You didn't create 2FA and someone had access to Your account/device - You f.cked up with security. It's Your fault. Now it's too late. Nothing can be done. Draw conclusions, forget about old account and move on.

ragnarminer L0: how do you add more SPITZ coins to the FARM?

manbtc007: WHere is my COBRA??????

hellboy4tr: Kaan80,

theleader001: hello

ramadan202035 L0: I think the market is starting to recover. This year's party will be on the sleeping giant XRP. It will impress everyone, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is not investment advice.

Tomasz L1: ragnarminer, add liquidity

ramadan202035 L0: XRP is a currency that has proven that it has a brilliant future with central banks and financial banks, and it has been proven that he gets sick and does not die. This lion is Ribal, gentlemen to the moon for all currencies.

chaimmeisels: what is the best YoFarm coin to invest?

Freyovsky: do i need KYC to use this website?

djqbic L1: Freyovsky, no

techguy26 L0: ...?

COOPERTRADER L0: Boa tarde preciso de suporte onde conseguir ?

COOPERTRADER L0: Faço o processo mas o sistema yobit não conclui o qrcode digitado no campo

techguy26 L0: dank

COOPERTRADER L0: OK vou abrir ticket

Praveen93 L0: Water up soon