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defriedison L0: hik

Razzly L0: Azield, heheh

Azield L0: defriedison, spiking english pak wkwkwk

defriedison L0: Azield, ok ok pak sir

defriedison L0: Azield, buy dice donk sir

Azield L0: go go buy dice auto profit

Ronay777 L0: You need to have 300-500 Mlns of Dice Tokens to earn $$$ for Dice Game. System will be ready

IAMSORRY: rahul1234, If you still not resolved this issue, you do let me know. Your xrp will be back , Dont worry( If you didnt do any wrong doing)

Azield L0: easy token rate brpa ya kira2 ?

Markjurk12: dice coin no buy support 6700sat coming

minners: now yobit not giving investbox of btc and all other coins investbox now almost finish like micro and invest

Merkato: WAVES time :)

Merkato: yesterday i was surprised how DOGE did move

Merkato: i wonder at what price LINK will stop $6 or $7?

rahul1234 L0: IAMSORRY, sir what to do

rahul1234 L0: IAMSORRY, i am wating before 7 hr

Merkato: i hope idiots hold BTC and do shorts and shorts and let us enjoy $$$

IAMSORRY: rahul1234, collect all details about this xrp transfer and talk to the customer care of wazir over the phone...They will pin-point where the mistake/misunderstand held. Then you do know the rest.

IAMSORRY: rahul1234, Focus on remedial action instead of nemesis!

Thebolmos L0: all investbox are working again

rahul1234 L0: IAMSORRY, ok sir thanks

IAMSORRY: Thebolmos, Yes, It started working!

IAMSORRY: rahul1234, No problem! Have good time ahead!

Merkato: IAMSORRY, why LTC didn't jump too?

alexbidel: water is so stable ;)

IAMSORRY: Merkato, LTC doesnt create any social sentiment to spike.

alexbidel: thank youplacebo for buying 0.1 btc of my Dice in btc market ;)


Merkato: IAMSORRY, should i wait and have more $$$

Memol33 L0: alexbidel, is it really some buy dice with 0.1 btc ?

alexbidel: why Placebo love me so much? always buy my coins at high price ;)

Merkato: or jump all in LINK?

Merkato: alexbidel, he like g*ys

alexbidel: Merkato, lol

alexbidel: Memol33, yes, i love new noobs ;)

Memol33 L0: Guys lowest price for dice is on DOGE pari !

Memol33 L0: alexbidel, omg

Merkato: alexbidel, alexbidel, once i saw him telling someone new here "come baby come to me"

alexbidel: Merkato, lol, he like white baby ass

IAMSORRY: Merkato, If you have so much time on your hand, you can wait for $$$

Merkato: IAMSORRY, SORRY my hand have only fingers

Merkato: alexbidel, we should report him to FBI

rahul1234 L0: IAMSORRY, sir wazirx say clear to me he send xrp and he share again transaction hash id he told me to contect support yobit team

alexbidel: Merkato, FBI also like white asses

alexbidel: we should report him to Dominik, Ultra..

IAMSORRY: rahul1234, Once they have give the details of can write a ticket here reaching yobit support page. Then your problem will be resolved within a day. Dont worry.

Merkato: they will sentence him 500yrs he won't sell his BTC for 50k

rahul1234 L0: IAMSORRY, sir i have send so many sms on support but not any answer

rahul1234 L0: i send so many mail to yobit but not any single answer

Memol33 L0: rahul1234, because proble its from them