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TARAN1990: dominikherzog, look at the ticket, it’s not possible to wait forever

TARAN1990: dominikherzog, Why does the exchange need support if it doesn’t work at all?

chrisnjulie: WTH? My NYC just disappeared while re-setting a Robotrade order! This can't be! Some is amiss!!

chrisnjulie: Oh wait.... nevermind. I accidentally re-set a buy order into a sell order. That's where it went. Thought for sure I was getting robbed for 1/10th of a penny there for a minute.

chrisnjulie: 1/10th of a penny is whole lot of DICE!!!

chrisnjulie: 76388.88888888 DICE. That's 0.00076236 BTC! $21.50 !!!!

Yakamoz L0: bulmacaturk, slm

rulea55 L0: can exchange all of currency to btc

BoastKit: rulea55, sell all for RUR and if you'll have enough to buy 0.0001BTC (there is minimal trade limit) then you can do it

AlexeChe: BoastKit, hi how are you

AlexeChe: rulea55, and you

AlexeChe: BoastKit, ok sell all for RUR

yocal: helo

bulmacaturk: Yakamoz, slm

AlexeChe: yocal, hi

AlexeChe: bulmacaturk, that are you doing here

AlexeChe: and you

shokolat L0: chrisnjulie, hi friend , you sure 73000 dice is 2 usdt ? How convert ot to rur ?

shokolat L0: Why when i search dice for convert to rur , i cannot see pair trade for it ?

shokolat L0: Ok i find it dice to usd or rur but price is funny lol

chrisnjulie: shokolat, I was being sarcastic. Its not worth that much

okika: chrisnjulie, I will close now another rule in TUSD/USD market. I show you now everything, if here will be an error again.

okika: my ask price was 1.05500000, my bid is 1.07082500. Active/closed orders: 11/38. The amount was 0.25133144 TUSD. My current balances 0.13307686 USD and 0.59551975 TUSD. Now I close the rule.

okika: chrisnjulie, I check the orders now manually

okika: chrisnjulie, No open orders left. Let's see the balance.

chrisnjulie: you had 11 split orders, your TUSD wasn't all TUSD. When you canceled your robotrade, some o it was left as USD. lol

okika: chrisnjulie, My usd balance didn't change, my TUSD balance is now0.79924285. That is 0.20372310 difference. Where my 0.04760834 usd go? And why there is my profit after lot's of closed orders?

chrisnjulie: Gotta cancel it when it's all in one currency or the other if you want the full rtade plus proit back in only one currency

chrisnjulie: my FFFFF key sucks!!

chrisnjulie: Do you only have one single robotrade order set??

chrisnjulie: Did you buy anything else?

okika: chrisnjulie, the price is much lower now, there were no buy orders from me, only sell. There is a lack of money, can't you count?

chrisnjulie: No, I can't count. I let Yobit do it for me.

okika: chrisnjulie, truth... -,-

chrisnjulie: I can't spell either. Just look at all my typos

BoastKit: okika, if the volumen of orders is too small (i.e someone/bot is doing micro transatcions) - the amount is left "hanging" in active balance - maybe in the meantime you made new robotrade rules or some manual orders and the balance (USD or TUSD) was utilized for those other orders

chrisnjulie: I don't think you got robbed for 0.20 cents or whatever. You're just not seeing where your coin is and you likely still have it placed somewhere else or converted into something else

okika: idiots. Learn to count. NO active order left and there is LESS amount, some is MISSING! Nobody steals from me, there is simply error in the system. I've done explaining that 2+2=4...

chrisnjulie: Okay. You only had one single order set. IMaking a killing there on trading, eh?

okika: BoastKit, I hope you are right...

chrisnjulie: Boastkit said the same thing I did lol

okika: BoastKit, but it makes this opaque

okika: so you say the the missing amount and my profit was already there in the available balance before I've closed the rule...

chrisnjulie: I'm saying your missing amount is somewhere and you're just not seeing it

BoastKit: okika, are you monitoring your balances under "dashboard" ? (dash "under your nick" above chat - it counts whole balance) - if not - try it for few days and watch results

okika: and where?... Can you explain once more? Maybe my mind is too simple. At manual trading I never experienced anything like this.

okika: and once again: why this happens at stablecoin/usd markets and nowhere else? Now I reap profit from ALISA and it is there as usual... I can't believe what you say because other small markets never show the same.

BoastKit: okika, My guess - only on the stablecoin markets (and not on small markets) you use are bots utilizing tons of tiny microtransactions which are "disabling"/postponing/making "hanging" - robotrade orders between "execution" as amounts are too small for single transaction to make trades.

okika: BoastKit, do you think? A partial order in my robo was made today in XRP/WAVES market for 0.00000702 waves (profit 0.00000010 waves on it)

okika: BoastKit, also on august 31 0.00000003 MATIC for 0.00000001 WAVES.