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manbtc007: WAVES my new order is pending

manbtc007: LTC stop shiting. Move to $90

Gonewithwind: manbtc007, i am waiting for 85 dollars to sell mine..!

Maker9900 L0: How are you doing today

Gonewithwind: Maker9900, are you still around ? Freind

Renerivve: Gonewithwind, I am here now.

Renerivve: Maker9900, doing good for the defi

Tomasz L1: good morning everyone

imzaynal96 L1: Hello

Tomasz L1: imzaynal96, hello how was your day?

imzaynal96 L1: Tomasz, very bad

alexbidel: manbtc007, Why Ltc is so eexpensive,? according to Alts drop, it shoull be around 30-40 $ ;)

Tomasz L1: imzaynal96, what happened so bad?

Renerivve: The place looks a little cold

Renerivve: alexbidel, we hope it doesn't depreciate beyond supposed.

alexbidel: Renerivve, i will buy Ltc at 10$ ;)

Renerivve: alexbidel, Wil it ever get to that?

alexbidel: Renerivve, yep. look at Sol. from 250 to 10 ;)

alexbidel: Renerivve, thats crypto. just buy the dip ;)

Tomasz L1: Renerivve, hello friend what's up?

imzaynal96 L1: Tomasz, how are you

okika: alexbidel, investors are losers. Buy every day and when some of your buys are in profit then sell. That is trading, not investing. Traders are growing.

Tomasz L1: imzaynal96, I'm fine and you?

baksblyat: hey

baksblyat: how are you guys?

baksblyat: :)

alexbidel: okika, so you need infinite money to buy every day , lol. imagine you started to buy from btc at 69k till now..

okika: alexbidel, yes, you need a constant income to start it. It can be even faucet coins. I started with that. Always buy small amounts. And until profit make it breed with lending, staking, farming, etc... It works.

Tomasz L1: baksblyat, hello friend

Gonewithwind: Tomasz, how are you doing friend?! What ,s up?

Tomasz L1: Gonewithwind, well i'm very surprised with the yodice coin is this how the dice promo is supposed to look like?

Gonewithwind: okika, at the end ,long term holders and investors are winners ...think about two years later ...i think so

Gonewithwind: Tomasz, when Apy is so high ,it is clear to yodice do as this !

Tomasz L1: Gonewithwind, this percentage will go down

okika: Gonewithwind, no one can see what future brings. At the end traders are holders too, they never sell in dip. The difference between traders and investors that traders buy constantly.

Gonewithwind: okika, we can,t say which one are winners at the end! But i know some freinds who bought btc at 10 dollars and hold to sell 50 k ! And there were others who trade btc with 10 dollars up to now!

Gonewithwind: Tomasz, it will be better to shift on another farming like spitz or rur ...

Tomasz L1: Gonewithwind, Yes you are right

Gonewithwind: Tomasz, take a look at on doge price ...! Will be good to earn something if you trade it ..

okika: Gonewithwind, Spitz does not pay now, I transported that fund to Simon.

dtworker: good morning

Gonewithwind: dtworker, good morning ,gentlman

dtworker: 1st Advent candle

Tomasz L1: Gonewithwind, I'm more wondering about sedo price really attractive

Gonewithwind: okika, right with you ,but maybe for the repairing it ...being patiant is important

Gonewithwind: Tomasz, Sedo is -38% just right now!!

okika: Gonewithwind, waiting for miracle is for losers. Better catch the working things.

dtworker: Trade, Dice, eventually IB

Gonewithwind: okika, on yobit , nothing is predictable! Maybe you are correct and maybe today spits will go up to 25 satthe past prices it was!

okika: Gonewithwind, this word: "maybe" is not for me. I experienced that it means: you lost.